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What we do

This page presents examples of the services we provide.
It is not intended to be exhaustive; we are always happy to accommodate unique or challenging requests!

hillcroft-services assessments


We offer a full range of assessments to evaluate the baseline efficiency of your buildings and assets, and identify opportunities for efficiency improvements.

  • Preliminary utility analysis

  • Benchmarking & baseline assessment

  • Facility condition assessment

  • ASHRAE energy audits – Level I, II, III

hillcroft-services monitoring


Energy monitoring and other data management systems help to keep track of your progress and achievements, troubleshoot problems and identify further opportunities.

  • Data Management Platform Services

  • Ongoing monitoring, technical & strategic support

hillcroft-services esg

ESG Strategy & Sustainability Reporting

Investors and customers care about Environmental, Social and Governance performance. Achieve your potential with our comprehensive support services.

  • ESG strategy development and target definition

  • ESG portfolio building

  • Integration of UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs)

  • ESG/Integrated Reporting support

hillcroft-services financing


We will guide you through capital expenditure planning and ensure your organization receives the full benefit of any grants, tax benefits and other incentives available.

  • Facility cost optimization

  • Capital expenditure forecasting and planning

  • Budget planning for optimal performance

  • Federal, state, city, county & utility incentive financing options & tax benefits

hillcroft-services training

Training & Education

It is key to get the people who matter on board with your sustainability efforts: your staff, residents, students or other building users.

  • Engaging, custom-designed staff trainings

  • Sustainability education programmes at any level, for every budget

  • School curricula on sustainability or UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs)


We can help your business maximize value and unlock new opportunities. Get in touch to start your journey with us today.


We can help your business maximize value and unlock new opportunities. Get in touch to start your journey with us today.

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